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Friday, November 5, 2010

Brief and relatively cheerful thoughts on the recent election

As my readers know, I consider myself both a liberal and a Democrat, and "we" got clobbered in the recent US elections.  Nontheless, I refuse to become distraught, for several reasons, as follows:

1.  Free and fair elections are very good things, and are always a cause for celebration.

2   Elections that shift or partially shift power - at least sometimes - are a requirement of the "free and fair" thing.

3.  There will be another election in two years.

4.  Given the current Congress's ties to special interests, the acquisition of power by grass roots movements not tied into the existing power structure is - in my opinion - a good thing.

5.  The Republicans may now be forced to do something besides "just say no";  this may lead to progress or to the realization on the part of the voting public that the Republicans are [assume I said something bad, but not offensive and/or actionable here.  Choose your own word or words], and may lead to crushing defeats for them in the future.

6.   [A really startling thought] "They" may be right, and "we" may be wrong about what the Government should and should not do.

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